Other resources

  • jExcel CE
    Jexcel community edition
  • jTools
    Web components, utilities and plugins
  • jExcel Pro Examples

    For us, the best way to learn is via examples. We bring in this section various examples from simple to advance applications. So, we go straight to the point and speed up the learning curve.

    • React Implementation
      A full example on how to integrate jExcel with React

    • VUE Implementation
      A full example on how to integrate jExcel with Vue

    • Search and pagination
      Full spreadsheet example with search and pagination to bring great compatibility for those who love datatables.

    • Column types
      Learn more about the powerful column types. This example brings all native column types and how to create your own custom type.

    • Advanced dropdown
      Full examples on how to handle simple, advanced, multiple, autocomplete and conditional dropdowns. Create amazing javascript tables using categories and images in your dropdowns.

    • Date and datetime picker
      Example from basic to advanced calendar usage, date and datetime picker

    • Image upload
      This examples shows how to upload images to your spreadsheet

    • Programmatically updates
      How to update your spreadsheet and its data by javascript

    • Table Style
      Bring a very special touch to your applications customizing your javascript spreadsheet.

    • Events
      Learn how to handle events on jExcel

    • Importing data
      How to import data from an external CSV, json file or XLSX.

    • Formulas
      Unleash the power of your tables bringing formulas and custom javascript methods on your jExcel spreadsheet.

    • Custom toolbars
      Full example on how to enable nor customize your javascript spreadsheet toolbar.

    • column comments
      Allow comments in your table spreadsheet.

    • Headers
      Enabled nested headers in your spreadsheet and learn how to set or get header values

    • Translations
      How to translate the default messages from jExcel

    • Merged cells
      Full example on how to handle merge cells in your javascript tables.

    • Sorting columns
      Example how to sort the table by a column via javascript.

    • Lazy loading
      This example brings a very nice feature to deal with large table datasets.