Jexcel Cloud: The Online Spreadsheet

jExcel Cloud is a backend online service to allow users to persist and share data with other users in real time without the hassle of creating and maintain a server. Create multiple worksheets and link them together as a rich relational database presented in form of a spreadsheet. Connect the data of your spreadsheet with any software and create powerful solutions for your clients.
  • Serveless online spreadsheets
  • Version control and automatic back ups
  • Privacy preferences and sharing
  • Real time sharing and collaboration
  • Create powerful relational worksheets.
  • Deploy online databases in minutes
  • Share your application in real time
  • Visual and online editor
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Easily integrations with JExcel API

Transform a simple online spreadsheet in real time online applications. Integrate Jexcel Cloud with any application using Jexcel API.